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Iron efficiently. Women in happy mineral power

Iron is poor in absorption rate, one of the calcium and the sequence actively supply you want to mineral. The iron contained in the food, and often heme iron in animal foods such as meat and fish, there is a non-heme iron that is included, such as vegetables and grains. That those of animal foods, including heme iron has a higher absorption rate of iron it has been generally known.
“”Heme iron”” is of DHC, the heme iron that does not react with the tea and coffee of tannin, vitamin B12, folic acid plus. Especially it is efficiently compensate supplement the scarce iron to women. If you iron deficiency is a concern and is recommended for those raised in Full Bloom.

※ This product, disease or healing by high intakes, it is not intended to improve health than. Please observe the recommended dose of the day.
※ This product is different from a health food, who is not in a separate review by the consumer Agency.
※ Please check the raw materials, who have food allergies Please do not eat.

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