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ACUO Tablet Crear Mint 50tablets- LOTTE


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It is a tablet that can be designed to instantaneously breath “before meeting with people,” many raised is as a tablet eating scene in user. Blended with new flavors that are refreshing feeling, such as passing the nose it is felt the moment you put in the mouth, has been improved breath refreshing experience.
Tablet “ACUO tablet ” new sale to design breath. The new mint flavors blend, the scent of fresh mint at the moment you put in the mouth spreads in the mouth. Design significantly revamped in new design the image of a refreshing and fresh breath. It offers a refresh of breath and the mood in the refreshing mint fragrance.

Rubus extract, sweeteners (sorbitol, aspartame · L-phenylalanine compound), perfumes, emulsifiers, fine silicon oxide

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