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Labo Labo Super – Keana Lotion 100ml – Dr. Ci: Labo


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It pores measures lotion for wiping aim the skin inconspicuous pores enough to continue to use
The following skin care effect is up in the gentle peeling effect on the skin.
Naturally occurring lactic acid, malic acid is dissolved the old keratin and keratin plug that causes the pores open, and supports the skin of turnover. By using every day, to the soft skin of smooth. Also enhance the brightness of the skin, leading to skin inconspicuous pores. In addition, by removing the excess dirt and horny, the more even skin care of permeability then use.

Squeaking tighten plant components the pores in the refreshing feeling
And four pores care ingredients, useful components royal jelly acid royal jelly new formulation. Encourage the secretion of sebum, which causes the opening of the pores, tightens the pores. Furthermore, in order to prevent the clogging of sebum, it leads to no clear skin of blackheads. While a stimulus-free alcohol-free, refreshing feeling of coolness. By continuing every day, leading to tight smooth skin of the pores.

Moist plump skin 200% formulation of hyaluronic acid and collagen
In order to maintain the water balance of the firm wipe skin deep into the pores, hyaluronic acid and collagen 200% compounded (※), and gives moisture plenty. Even though it has already been refreshing, to the skin with a moist Halifax. Established a texture, also approach to the “sagging pores” due to drying.


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