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Nursery W Cleansing Gel Fruit mix 500ml


An appropriate amount of (cherries large), take in the palm of your hand to dry, stretched to the entire face, and rub to massage, from lifted the dirt of the foundation, etc., please rinse with lukewarm water or water.
Artificial flavors, coloring is not used, the smell of natural aroma is pleasant cleansing gel. Gel is also firmly down quickly familiar in the oil component, and was to wash comfort W cleansing and point for cleansing unnecessary clutter.
As if freshly picked fruit, a naturally occurring component color and scent. Because it touches the skin, artificial flavors, artificial coloring is not used.
Clean to the point make-up to a gel of Purupuru. W cleansing unnecessary to clean Otose in the pat this one make-up, such as waterproof mascara. Tired Easy also in the evening I returned.
In Essence ingredients into purpuric beautiful skin. When you turn off the dirt of the day with a cleansing, such as serums and prepares the base of your skin at the same time.
Development for the salon business, beauty professional is also a favorite. It is a commodity that esthetician has been devised with the international license.
Suggested Use: 1 times 5ml (cherry University) is an appropriate amount. Plenty of size of which you can use about 100 times.

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