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● it is a mask using anti-virus processing cloth of catechin state-of-the-art technology.
● anti-viral and antibacterial technology developed jointly with Osaka University “CateProtect (catheter protection)” certified anti-virus filter installation of SEK anti-virus processing mark by the processing. And CateProtect filter, virus splash, bacteria, pollen, by high-performance 4-layer filter structure obtained by combining the meltblown filter to cut 99% of the particles, protects you from viruses and colds.
Thermal bond fiber skin-friendly ●. It hurts less likely ear straps.
● affordable 2 pieces.

【how to use】
(1) against the back of the mask (at the end with the ear straps) to the face, let’s align the nose fitter in the curve of the nose.
(2) so as not to cause a gap as much as possible, while being fit to face, let’s put the rubber to the left and right ears.
※ When changing over the mask, we recommend that you use a new thing.

[Top of the mask catheter protector anti-virus processing cloth use one-size-fits-all raw materials here]
– Body, filter unit … polypropylene, rayon, PET
· Ear string portion … polyester, polyurethane
Nose fit part … polyethylene
– Use in harmful dust, places, and gas or the like occurs purpose of preventing it, please stop.
• If that does not fit at the time of abnormality and skin skin, please discontinue use.
• If you feel bad smell, please discontinue use.
– Please keep out of reach of children.
– one-time-use for the mask, please do not re-use of washing to.

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