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Product Details
The adoption of the guard stitch, without a gap fit
Fit to the portion of the nose with a soft nose fitter adopted
Microfiber filters capture the micro particles such as pollen, house dust
Hard to soft flat rubber ears hurt
A mask that percentage to prevent the entry of bacteria and fine particles with a high performance. The criteria for blocking rate test “”PFE”” if clearing mask, can block the substance particle size 0.1 [mu] m. PFE: Since 99% of the mask if 0.1μm microparticles can block 99%, will be referred to also accommodate 0.5μm (= PM0.5).

how to use

1. By applying a mask to the face, align the nose wire to the curve of the nose.
2. Ear to place a pimp while fit the mask to the face.
3. According to the size of the face, please adjust to expand the pleats up and down.

* This product can not be used in order to prevent toxic gases and harmful dust.
* This product is the type used up. Re-use can not be due to washing.
– Should, please discontinue use if you are presented with the symptoms such as itching, rash.
– Please do not use it for any other purpose than mask.
– Please keep out of the reach of infants.
– hot and humid Please avoid storage in place.

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