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Potato Chips Shoyu Mayo 60g – Calbee


Product Details
Exquisite blend of two kinds of soy sauce and mayonnaise of the rich?!
The mellow and a full-bodied flavor were combined Tamari mayonnaise to soy sauce and soy sauce Namaage was to potato chips.
Draw after the addition of the flavor of the meat to the secret ingredient is the taste.
Soy sauce Mayo taste is a long-selling products sold from 1997.
I would like to know many of the customers that it is a taste that has been loved for a long time, I put a long-selling mark.

Potatoes (not genetically modified), vegetable oils (including wheat, soybeans) powder soy sauce, (including eggs) dextrin, sugar, salt, pork extract powder, mustard powder, chili powder, egg yolk powder, mayonnaise flavored powder (sesame including poultry) comprising a powder vinegar / perfume (milk component), seasoning (amino acids), acidulant, sweetener (stevia, licorice), turmeric dye

Nutritional Information
1 bag 60g per (energy 333Kcal, protein 3.3 g, lipids 20.9 g, carbohydrates 32.8 g, sodium chloride equivalent 0.7 g)

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