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Pure & Natural Strawberry 45g – KABAYA


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Outside fluffy, is soft mouthfeel two layers gummy Purupuru is in. Spread soon to be bite bite, it is characterized by taste like real strawberries. We are using the domestic strawberry fruit juice.
The fresh taste of strawberries was put in a grain, it is the smell and taste can be enjoyed gummy like a real strawberry.
Gummy fluffy mouthfeel that aeration the sour of the flesh (outside of gummy), was represented by a red ripe sweetness of a certain taste of Purupuru mouthfeel such as jelly gummy (inside of gummy).
A two-layer gummy soft mouthfeel, fresh strawberry fragrance of the moment when chewed will spread to the fluffy mouth.
We are using the domestic strawberry fruit juice.
Package, so that the transmitted product especially ⾧ is easy to understand in the shop, to represent a real fruit feeling to show the strawberry of the cross-section, further be referred to a copy of “to taste a grain of fruit” of this brand world it represents the watch.

Sugar, syrup, gelatin, concentrated strawberry juice (domestic strawberry), vegetable oil / sorbitol, trehalose, acidulant, modified starch, calcium lactate, gelling agent (alginate Na, pectin), perfumes, mannitol, coloring (anthocyanin, carotenoid ), brighteners, including wheat, gelatin (part)

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