Fitty 7DAYS Mask EX Normal Size White 60 Sheets


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Firmly guard the pollen, dust
Pollen in the three-layer filter of non-woven fabric
Firmly guard the dust. 99% cut filter adopted. Splash including bacteria, viruses (or 3 [mu] m), pollen (30 [mu] m or more), fine particles (0.1 [mu] m or more).
Just fit the face of the line in the processing of the nose fitter and mask both sides.
Since three-dimensional pleating, it does not put pressure on the nose and mouth. Eliminate the unpleasant stuffiness.
Subjected to the ear, using a wide soft rubber-friendly ear.
Hygiene packs.
Type used up.

how to use
1. Make sure the table and back. If you ear rubber is bonded it will be on the inner side (face side).
2. Align the nose fitter in the shape of the nose.
3. while fit to face and over the ear rubber.
4. spread up and down the pleats in accordance with the size of the face.

Filter collection efficiency test
99% splash including bacterial cut: BFE test
99% splash including the virus cut: VFE test
Pollen 99% cut: pollen collection efficiency test
Fine 99% cut: PFE test

Cold, pollen, dust, etc.

Raw materials
Body filter section: Polypropylene
Ear string portion: Polyurethane
Nose fitter part: polyethylene

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