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Dekamaru BariSyaki! Bean Sprouts Miso Ramen 160g – Toyo Suisan


Besides a lot of quantity, it is Bali Shaka bean sprout miso ramen with a delicious soup taste and a satisfying degree, “Umaii Dai Sheng” cup noodles. Shakkiri Melancholic noodle ramen stuck to the richness of the noodle texture and soup with plenty of raw type of bean sprouts. The soup, based on the pork extract, used red / white matched miso, finished it as a soup of rich miso with rich flavor of garlic. As ingredients, we used sprouts and carrots of low-temperature sterilization recipe, which leave intact the texture that was shakijaki.

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Weight600 g

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IngredientFried noodle (wheat flour, vegetable oil, starch, salt, vegetable protein, egg yolk, spice, powder vegetables, sugar), quickly (sprouts, chicken ground meat, carrots, onions), apple seasoning (miso, flavor oil ), Processed starch, seasoning (amino acid etc.), alcoholic beverage, calcium carbonate, caramel coloring matter (lignocellulosic extract), salt, sugar, pork extract, spice, natigo, soy sauce, vegetable oil, protein hydrolyzate, , An antioxidant (vitamin C, vitamin E, rosemary extract), acidulant, kansui, trehalose, calcium lactate, gardenia pigment, spice extract, sweetener (thaumatin), pH adjuster, fragrance, vitamin B 2, vitamin B1, (including milk ingredients, apples and gelatin as a part of raw materials)
Product size (height x depth x width)216mmx285mmx432mm

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