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Nissin Donbei Kamo Dashi Soba mini 46g – NISSIN FOODS


Product Details
Samurai Don of the taste in a mini size!
Even in mini-cup straight taste of buckwheat Samurai Don unique.
Elegant soup slightly sweet to taste has heard of duck fat it features.
Hyoe Don unique, buckwheat good comfortable sipping
Elegant, slightly sweet soup rich duck soup sets off to the taste of Kamoabura
Diagonal 8 mm green onions, meatball soy duck, Agedama

Fried noodles (wheat flour, buckwheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, vegetable protein, soy sauce), soups (soy sauce, sugar, hydrolyzed protein, salt, duck extract, duck flavoring oils, animal fats (chicken, duck), chicken seasoning oil, fish extract, chicken extract, yeast extract, dried bonito powder), explosives (kamaboko, soybean protein processed products, green onion) / modified starch, seasoning (amino acids), phosphate (Na), Ca carbonate , caramel color, thickener (xanthan gum), flavoring, antioxidants (vitamin E), gardenia dye, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, Monascus color, (some wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soy chicken, including pork)

Nutritional Information
Heat 184Kcal · Protein 5.0 g · lipids 7.5 g · Carbohydrates 24.0 g · sodium chloride equivalent 3.1g

Weight84 g

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