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Product Details
● The type of non-woven fabric mask single use per day.
● target: cold, pollen, dust, etc.
● Body size: Regular (vertical 90 × horizontal 165mm)
● number of sheets: 60 sheets

[Soft wide ear straps ear is not hurt]
Width is wide with a soft ear straps, relieve the burden on the ear.
[Mouth comfortable vine further Material]
There is no rough to touch the skin and lips, it is a pleasant feeling.
[0.1 [mu] m particles, pollen, viruses splash 99% cut (filter performance)
Special electrostatic filter, pollen virus splash, of course, cut also 0.1μm of the fine particles.
[Pleating to create a three-dimensional space]
Can space the mouth, eliminating the breathlessness.
[Side adhesion processing and nose fitter]
In close contact with processing and nose fitter of both sides, firm fit from nose to cheek, jaw line. It prevents the penetration of pollen virus splash.

※ filter unit collecting performance (average value)
· 0.1μm of the fine particles: 99% cut -PFE test (0.1μm) family constitution Test Center
Virus splash: 99% cut -VFE test (average of about 3.0μm) US Nelson Laboratories
Pollen: 99% cut – pollen collection efficiency test (about 30μm) family constitution Test Center

【how to use】
(1) is taken out one by one from the inner bag the mask.
(2) Please spread the lightly pinch pleat the upper and lower end. Overhanging side will be on the outside.
(3) the nose fitter in the above, we put the string in both ears while devoted to the face.
(4) the nose fitter to fit the shape of the nose, and pressing lightly.
(5) Please covers comfortably until the jaw spread greater down the pleats.

* This product can not be used in order to prevent harmful dust, gas and the like.
– Please do not place out of reach of infants.
– or if the skin off is abnormal, please discontinue use in case abnormalities appear.
• During wear, please discontinue use if feel bad smell.
– Please do not re-use wash because it is a one-time-use type. Please replace it with a new one dirty. We recommend use of a single day from hygiene.
– Please do not use other than the intended application.

[Note After opening]
– Close the lid of the outer box and store it in a clean place, please use as soon as possible.
• Once mask used, please do not back into the bag.

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