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Ippeichan Night stall Yakisoba Burned Garlic Uma Spicy Miso 113g – Myojo Food


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It is mayonnaise with soy sauce taste fried noodles was appealing flavor and horse of the garlic burned.
Noodles (return time of 5 minutes, Menkasane 90g) is a fried NakaFutoshimen there is to eat meet.
Pork extract the source Tamari soy sauce, garlic, and the sauce was added to roasted soy sauce extract, Ma oil, roasted green onion oil,
The combined oil with a flavor of fresh garlic and roasted garlic is garlic soy sauce.
Gunpowder and sprinkle the roasted garlic, black pepper, which the image of a fried rice to cabbage of the first-in, is a combination of garlic powder.
Ippei-chan yakisoba with “”special plain mayonnaise”” of the night market.
Package, while leaving the night sky of Ippei-chan, is a design inspired the taste of soy sauce accumulated a rich flavor for the winter to the base color of maroon.

Capacity: 110g

Fried noodles (wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, powdered fat, a source), the source (mayonnaise, sugar, soy sauce, lard, flavor oils, salt, flavoring seasonings, pork extract, hydrolyzed protein, spices), gunpowder (cabbage, spices, flavoring condiments, dextrin) / modified starch, caramel color, seasoning (amino acids), trehalose, calcium carbonate, alcohol, brine, perfumes, antioxidants (vitamin E), carotenoids, particulate silicon dioxide , acidulant, magnesium carbonate, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, thickeners (guar gum), (including eggs, milk components, wheat, sesame soy chicken, pork, apple part) spice extracts,

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