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Chipstar S WAGYU Steak 50g – YAMAZAKI


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To steak baked in the iron plate, image juicy taste trimmed with salt and pepper. Used as the select ingredients to kneading the “domestic beef extract”. The savory roast feeling, was combined is rich beef flavor, it is a genuine taste features. In the package design, produce a sense of luxury By the keynote color “red,” “black”. In addition, by incorporating a checkered pattern in the background, and finished with eye-catching design in the department that the image of a “sum”.

Potato flakes, vegetable oil, meat flavor seasoning (sugar, salt, fat adjusted powder, beef extract powder (Japanese beef used), flavor powders oil, soy sauce powder, hydrolyzed protein, spices, flavor oils), beef extract (Japanese beef using ) / seasoning (amino acids), perfumes, emulsifiers, spice extracts, sweeteners (sucralose), caramel coloring, wheat, milk ingredients, beef, soy (partially)

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