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New Touch Sugomen Nara Tenri Stamina Ramen 112g – New Touch


Product Description
To popular your local ramen series among Sugomen, is newly join the dish on the theme of Nara Prefecture. Soup with pork-based soy sauce, added a spicy and punch in the garlic and doubanjiang. Noodles slippery rice cake rice cake and the raw texture, such as noodles boasts of non-fried noodles, compatibility with medium fine of noodles and spicy soup is excellent. Doubanjiang viewed from the Chinese cabbage flavor of, leek, unique taste that flavor of garlic is intermixed is a dish to be once eat and habit.

【raw materials】
Noodles (wheat flour, salt, soybean dietary fibers), soup (soy sauce, salt, sugar, animal fats, pork extract, garlic paste, doubanjiang, miso, yeast extract, protein hydrolyzate, Chinese cabbage extract, vegetable oil), or anther (Chinese cabbage, pork with taste, sugar, leek, red pepper), modified starch, seasoning (such as amino acids), thickener (modified starch), flavoring, brine, caramel color, antioxidants (vitamin E), carotenoids , spice extracts (including sesame, chicken some of the raw)

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