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Sugomen THE Szechuan Sesame Hot Noodles without Soup 125g – Yamadai


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Making the most of a strong “”boiled freshly effect of”” the “”Sugomen””, it was reproduced the full-fledged juice without 担担 noodles, such as eating at the shop in the cup noodles.
Texture and strong waist is proud of Gokubutomen was a rice cake rice cake also is sufficient to meet to eat in the usual 20g increase than.
The sauce becomes a decisive factor of taste W formulation of the batter sesame and ground sesame, mellow and aroma of sesame is felt firmly.
Were combined and sprinkled in Annex of pepper and HanaHajikami to finish, is an article of an assurance to become addictive to the sesame flavor and numb spicy if you eat a bite.

Capacity: 125g

Noodles (wheat flour, salt, soy dietary fiber), sauce (animal fats and oils, Nerigoma, sugar, vegetable oil, salt, miso, soy sauce, sesame seeds, pork extract, spices), gunpowder (flavored meat minced, sesame seeds, bok choy, pepper, HanaHajikami), modified starch, seasoning (such as amino acids), emulsifiers, alcohol, caramel color, brine, carotenoid pigments, spice extracts, antioxidants (vitamin E, rosemary extract), polysaccharide thickener, perfume (including eggs, chicken and some of the raw gelatin)

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