PM2.5 Protection Cho-Kaiteki Mask Musty less Type Small 5Sheets – Unicharm


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Features (Features)
And missed the breath stuffiness, dry feeling followed!
1. Inside mesh gauze to miss the breath stuffiness
Genuine mesh gauze, missed a breath stuffiness that confined to the mouth, smooth comfortable!
2. Super breath pleasure filter
Less likely suffocating in its own ultra-breath Raku filter!
3. Slim soft ear
In ear rubber of 6mm width, ear is less likely to hurt!
Four. Firmly block in the “”99% cut filter ※””!
It prevents virus splash, the penetration of pollen.
※ trapping efficiency test average value of the filter unit (Virus splash: VFE test, Pollen: pollen collection efficiency test)
● maintenance of functionality, from hygiene, we recommend use of a single day.

○ target
Cold-pollen · PM2.5

Dosage / Usage

1. Make sure the front and back of the mask.
Surface on which the alphabet is read correctly called “”Unicharm”” of the mask lower part (the surface on which ear straps are bonded) will be on the outside.
2. While pulling the ear string section, it will be applied to the ear of the mask.
3. The “”nose-fit”” will not be fit to match the shape of the nose.
Spread the mask stretched pleat of the fold on the vertical.

Display component

Body filter section (polyolefin, cotton), ear string portion (polyester polyurethane), nose-fit portion (polyolefin)

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