7 Sheets PM2.5 Protection Unicharm Super 3D Mask Normal Size


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The new improved ultra-three-dimensional shape, comfort up
“”Uni-Charm super solid mask Wind pollen for normal size””, without creating a gap, popular three-dimensional mask as nonwoven type strongly blocked.
99% cut filter a ※, it will block the virus splash.
※ collection efficiency test of the filter unit (virus splash: VFE test)

Since the entire surface fit shape in super three-dimensional structure, and fit, nowhere it does not create a gap.
This time, comfort in the super three-dimensional shape of the new improvements have been up.
New improved breath easy feeling up ventilation filter
And the three-dimensional structure that does not stick in the mouth, in the ventilation filter adoption of a new improvement, feeling breath easy reblogged up.
The Yarawaka stretch ear of the new shape has been improved in the shape design that does not put a burden on the ear. There is no hurt a long time to fit tightly.
Also safe for wind pollen for PM2.5 (normal size)
“”Uni-Charm super three-dimensional mask wind-pollen for normal size””, will block the virus splash pollen · PM2.5 high-density filter having a three-layer structure.
This product is usually size.
“”Uni-Charm super three-dimensional mask wind-pollen for normal size.””
“”Uni-Charm super three-dimensional mask for wind-pollen””, you can choose from small, normal, large 3 size.

This product is a “”normal size””.
● maintenance of functionality, from hygiene, we recommend use of a single day.

“”Uni-Charm super three-dimensional mask for wind-pollen”” how to use
① Make sure the top and bottom of the mask. Open from the position of the arrow in the figure, it spreads the mask to the left and right.
② while pulling the ear part, it will be applied to the ear of the mask.
③ the “”nose-fit”” will not be fit to match the shape of the nose.

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