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Faintly herbal scent of & makeup is less likely to fall

Function of the hard mask that fall is makeup is intact, is scented mask to be healed in the fragrance of herbs.

Mask with microcapsules burst that was confined to the inside, the smell is persistent
· Perfect nose fitter in the shape of the nose
· Mouth space loose
Make-up is difficult to regard the four-way protection processing
· Flower one point of
– ear-friendly soft type of ear straps
Double capture filter fine particles in the air (0.0001mm = 0.1μm) a 99% ※ cut
※ permeability test measurements (Nelson Institute)
Hard to square protect processing the moon make

By the protection processing in all directions, now with less makeup than the stuffiness Nikuku! Conventional products in the mask.

Much subsequent healing of mouth space
And bursting of microcapsules confined to the mask inside, the smell will persist.
how to use

1. To make burst the microcapsules of fragrance, please pat before wear masks.
Acceleration scent of strength can be adjusted by tapping ※.
※ in use, you feel the smell has become weaker, it will come out fragrance by tapping.
2. Please wear from to expand the mask stretched to the vertical folds of the pleats.
3. Please have a nose filter adjusted to the shape of the nose.

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