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Hada Labo Shirojyun Medical Whitening Lotion 170ml – ROHTO


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Skin Research HakuJun (Shirojun) Series
Blending the ingredients Vitamin C derivative moisturizing and whitening active ingredient arbutin. Suppress the melanin production, to block stains, freckles. While plenty of moisturizing, a transparent feeling full of clear skin.

Both medicated whitening and moisturizing! Shining like to whitening.
In addition to lots of skin moisture Labs (Hadarabo) unique in whitening active ingredients high purity arbutin formulations, suppressing the production of melanin, it prevents stain freckles, leads to sheer has Mochihada. ※ 1; hyaluronate Na-2 ※ 2; hyaluronic acid hydrolysis

Moisture is Michiru, to the transparent sense of beauty white ※.
To the dried prone skin by ultraviolet rays, plenty moisturize, transparent sense of beauty white, such as crystal clear. It is a lotion of fresh feeling. Weakly acidic / hypoallergenic / Fragrance / uncolored / Preservative-free / alcohol-free ※ whitening; suppressing the production of melanin, preventing stains and freckles.

Whitening active ingredient; high-purity arbutin moisturizing; hyaluronic acid Na ※ 1, nano hyaluronic acid ※ 2, vitamin C derivatives


All components: Arp Chin vitamin C phosphate Mg, hyaluronic acid hydrolysis (nano hyaluronic acid), hyaluronic acid Na-2, BG, concentrated glycerin, sorbitol solution, POP methyl glucoside, succinate 2Na, succinic acid, VP · styrene copolymer emulsion, paraben

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