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Followupmilk gungun 830g×2box – WAKODO


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And it becomes full 9 or around May, baby food also starts three times food, the center of the nutrition you’ll move to the baby food from breast milk and infant milk. This growth period, it is important to’ll each nutrient supplement a well-balanced.
Strengthen the scarce iron in milk
Blending galactooligosaccharides
Blended biotin required for health and development
Blending the importance of calcium · DHA in development
Neat full Easy Weighing
Easily soluble in water, it is a granule type.
Iron reinforcement
It will strengthen the scarce iron in the milk.
Calcium · DHA
We blended the importance of calcium · DHA in development.
We blended galactooligosaccharides.
Five types of nucleotides have been a well-balanced blend.
Vitamins and minerals
Such as biotin required for the development, we have established a balance of vitamins and minerals.

【how to use】
• Always wash your hands before you make the milk, let’s milk tone in a clean place.
(1) takes as hot water or water 100mL cooling to about 50 degrees in the glass or bottle.
(2) The accompanying spoon Strike sugar 4 tablespoons put (about 28g), dissolve and mix well.
(3) finished amount 200mL hot water or water in addition to, stir well, please raise at an appropriate temperature.

Skim milk powder, lactose, dextrin (starch hydrolyzate), adjusted edible oils (palm oil, palm kernel fractionated oil, soybean white refined oil), protein concentrate whey powder, galacto-oligosaccharide syrup, refined fish oil, salt, carbonate Ca, phosphate K, chloride Mg, lecithin, carbonate K, VC, phosphoric acid Na, iron pyrophosphate, VE, pantothenic acid Ca, 5′-CMP, niacin, VA, V.B6, V.B1, inosinic acid Na, uridylate Na , guanylate Na, 5′-AMP, V.B2, folic acid, carotene, biotin, VK, VD, V.B12

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