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Furofushi Mote liner Liquid Brown black 0.55ml


◆ remains and is of think, just this feeling. “Yamato Takumi brush ®”
In order to draw the ideal of the eye line, gathered craftsmen Japan’s world-class.
Kumano Metropolitan Government and the traditional brush-making of Nara, was born in that science and technology of the tip encounters,
FLOWFUSHI highest ever masterpiece. You can draw beautifully without relying on technique.

▼ by Kumano brush craftsman
“Golden Ratio”.
It has been carefully selected for Mote liner, four different types of hair of made palm hardness.
The blend ratio, Kumano brush craftsmen pursuit, design the structure of the brush.
Even tried many times improvement, eventually always get to this ratio.
We expires says proudly, this is the blend of the golden ratio.

▼ by Erabareshi six brush craftsman,
Tradition of technique “Temomi”.
Four of hair Kumano of craftsmen carefully selected, Nara of the brush craftsmen and prepares the mixing ratio by massaging hand.
Be able to play a delicate this work, only six people were standing among the skill of the brush craftsman.
Only that can not be produced 400 in 8 minutes, it is truly Takumi of the dish.

◆ unprecedented luxury and a sense of stability,
Octagonal aluminum bottle.

Based on the human engineering, it pursues have ease of fit in the hand.
Stationery manufacturers and the results that developed the bottle shape and bottle diameter jointly,
The former eyeliner that the octagon was arrived to a nonexistent shape.
I feel at the moment in hand, luxury and stability of aluminum.
Even if you’re eyeliner beginners, it is possible to draw a line he wanted.

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