EYEBON texture eye Drop dry eye 13ml


Product introduction
Or dry eyes in contact, or feel the foreign body sensation and discomfort and rumbling by wearing …
Eyes are keeping a firm tears usually also, eye such as excessive use of contact lenses and PC
When the come dry, not only such a variety of unpleasant symptoms, the cornea by the dry eye state
There is also a possibility that a crack and failure occurs on the surface.
The perfect for those who want to eye care while keeping the contact, tear prescription Aibo
Down trolley eye drops dry eye. A chemical solution with a thickened corneal protection ingredients are, tears lack of
In spread fairly dust to dry tend to the corneal surface, or healing the eyes of dry to moist feel plenty
It is.

● spread fairly dust in the chemical is dry tend to the corneal surface with a thickened, to alleviate the dryness of the eye
● sodium chondroitin sulfate ester, and carefully protect the cornea
● because it is close to the tear components, you can clean the left eye and the contact
– You can use all of the contact
– not the contact person You can use it

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