Smile The medical A Contact 10ml


Product introduction
Ophthalmic drugs

Cure the fatigue caused by the dryness from the cornea!
※ mild rubbing the received corneal cells
Acting on injured corneal cells ※
Smile of vitamin A penetration prescription
[Vitamin A maximum amount ※ 1 formulation] Method stabilizing Patent No. 5,549,669 No. Vitamin A
1. cornea repair produce “hyaluronic acid”, prompting the cornea of ​​repair.
2. produce “mucin” to stabilize the tears that keep the tears, and kept the tears in the eyes.
[Corneal shield component sodium chondroitin sulfate]
※ 1 general ophthalmic drug manufacturing and marketing approval criteria of the maximum amount: approval criteria and is, Ministry of Health, Labor and

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