Mytear Eye act Alpitat 15ml


Product introduction
Eye allergy symptoms caused by pollen, also cause inflammation.
And, inflammation, as well as itching of the eye, worsening the symptoms such as foreign body sensation, hyperemia (strong feeling
Jill) you to.
● In function of the three active ingredients, eye allergy symptoms by pollen with inflammation
It is effective in .
· Anti-allergic component
[Sodium cromoglycate]
Reduces the release of chemical mediators that cause the allergic symptoms (such as histamine).
· Anti-histamine component
[Chlorpheniramine maleate]
The released histamine is blocked from binding to the receptor, it reduces the symptoms.
· Anti-inflammatory component
It calm the inflammation by suppressing the production of inflammation-causing substances.
● It is colorless to eye drops of pale yellow clear with a cool feeling (cooling sensation).

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