Tear ROHTO Dry eye contact a 13ml


Product introduction
Contacts also moisture feeling.
When the lack of tears in the contact lens wear, sticking or rubbing and cause of the lens,
Or feel discomfort, you may damage the cornea.
“Tears Roth Dry icons initially claimed in such combinations a ‘, and the maximum density blended corneal protection component,
For encasing creamy the formulation pupil and lens, it is effective to dryness in lens wear.

Product Features
● supplemented with moisture (the tears) shortage
● corresponding to all of the contact lens
● corneal shield component the maximum concentration formulation: Sodium chondroitin sulfate
* Maximum concentration formulation of general ophthalmic drug manufacturing approval criteria
● encompassing the pupil and the lens, creamy and was pointing comfort:
Hyaluronic acid Na formulations (thickeners formulation)

Free Angle nozzle at any time, anywhere, can be eye drops smoothly
Easily made eye care, is very convenient.

One-touch screw cap
Just turn it clicks once to the left, turn once snap to the right even when close when opening.
Easy is convenient.

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