ROHTO Alguard kids clear 10ml


Product introduction
In the eyes of the itching caused by precious children of pollen
● painful itchy eyes of children due to pollen, to hyperemia
Inhibit the release of substances causing allergies, quell inflammation “glycyrrhizin dipotassium potassium
Arm “, to block the histamine (allergy-causing substance), reduce the itch,” chlorine
Blended with chlorpheniramine maleate “, it reduces the eye itching and redness.
● pleasant to itching of the eye, stains difficult to prescription design
Pleasant friendly pointing comfortable to the eyes of the itch. It is eye drops of pH close to tears.
●-free fragrance-free coloring
● preservative-free ※

In three of the action, improve the painful symptoms!
[Suppress the itch]
Chlorpheniramine maleate: the allergens block
[Quell inflammation]
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate: inhibiting the release of allergens
Repair Support
Vitamin B6: to replenish the nutrition
Potassium L- aspartic acid: promote cell respiration

Free Angle nozzle at any time, anywhere, can be eye drops smoothly
Easily made eye care, is very convenient.

One-touch screw cap
Just turn it clicks once to the left, turn once snap to the right even when close when opening.
Easy is convenient.

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