Harikkusu 55EX sensation A 10 sheets


Product introduction
1. In the double anti-inflammatory effect, demonstrate the efficacy superior to symptoms such as stiff neck, back pain, muscle pain.
In addition to the glycol salicylate, compounding an anti-inflammatory component glycyrrhetinic acid. Symptoms of the affected area
The calm, relieve pain.
2. excellent cooling effect, yet gentle to the skin.
It has adopted a weak acid and high water base.
3. such as the elbow, knee, ankle, close contact with quite right also to violent part of the movement, it is difficult to peel off.
Adopted omnidirectional telescopic knit support.
Further, compounding a small adhesive strength is strong and the skin irritation polyacrylic acid tackifier.
※ reattachment can be if you did not stick them very well put once, making it difficult to peel off
4. long-lasting pleasant sensation of coolness.

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