Product introduction
[Third drug class] pips oral solution 50mL × 4
The sale of pharmaceutical products

● Precautions
■■ it should not be ■■

■■ can consult ■■
If the symptoms also taking place one month not better is to immediately stop taking the drug, have this product
To consult a doctor or pharmacist Te.

● Indications
● The following symptoms of relief: neuralgia, muscle pain and joint pain (back pain, stiff neck, such as frozen shoulder), of limbs
Numbness, constipation, eye strain
● beriberi
“However, for these symptoms, if the improvement be used for about one month is not seen,
You can consult your doctor or pharmacist. ”
● supply of vitamin B1 of the following cases: physical fatigue, pregnancy and lactation, when the decrease in physical strength in convalescence disease

● Dosage
Adult (over 15 years old) twice a day, to take one once (50mL).
Dosing interval may be placed more than 4 hours

○ to protect a defined dosage and administration.
○ not to take in children.

● component-quantity
This product daily dose <100mL (50mL × 2)> in

Okisoamidjin the end of 200mg
Vitamin B1 nitrate 20mg
Vitamin B2 phosphoric acid ester 15mg
Vitamin B6 50mg
Nicotinic acid amide 60mg
Vitamin B12 60μg

Additives: invert type liquid sugar (sucrose, fructose, glucose), citric acid hydrate, sodium citrate
Hydrates, DL-malic acid, sodium benzoate, parabens, ethanol, perfumes, ethyl
Vanillin, glycerin, vanillin, propylene glycol

The vitamin B2, which is incorporated into the ○ this agent, your urine may become yellow.

● attention of the storage and handling
(1) not exposed to direct sunlight, be stored in a cool place.
(2) Keep out of reach of children.
(3) Do not put the solution into other containers (or causing the abuse, change the quality.)
(4) after opening be taken immediately.
(5) product past use-by date must not be taken.

● Contact
Selling agency
Pipputoukyou Co., Ltd.
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Uchikanda 3-3-7 Yubinbango101-8528
Customer Service Office (03) 3252-6546
(10 except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 00 ~ 17: 00)
Pip Fujimoto Co., Ltd.
Chuo-ku, Osaka Noninbashi 2-1-36 Yubinbango540-0011
Customer Service Office (06) 6945-4427
(10 except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 00 ~ 17: 00)
Manufacturing vendor
Datong Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.
Katsuragi City, Nara Prefecture Shinchon 214-1 Yubinbango639-2121
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