Chondroitin ZS tablets 180 tablets


Product introduction
Pain is also a caution signal to the living body, is an important physiological phenomenon, but unpleasant if left untreated
Symptoms continued, will be disturbed in such everyday life. In particular, joint pain, hip pain
Minado is likely to occur with aging, such symptoms of breaks on healthy lives
Good is that important.
In the chondroitin sulfate present in the body material, in particular joint cartilage and blood vessels, such as in many cornea
Exist and, of elasticity retention and physical cushion of body role, also, such as water retention
It has a work. Furthermore, cell metabolism (or incorporate nutrients, waste and waste
It is involved in it) to or 泄.

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■ sore and climb the stairs there is standing or sitting pain ■ hard ■ cool
Is that you have a back injury come when the hip becomes heavy ■ to lift heavy objects tired ■
Cause joint pain and neuralgia in ■ turn of the season
■ shoulder, caught the feeling is not increased
It is in noisy environments ■ noise that became difficult to hear ■ ears recently
■ fatigue can not be taken easily

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