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Product introduction

“Kids Bufferin cold syrup P”, syrup for children from 3 months of less than 7 years old
The type of cold medicine.
5 types of active ingredients, symptoms of the common cold to exhausting of children
Mitigates such as .
● Do not interfere with the important sleep of children, it is a non-caffeine prescription.
● does not contain codeine (narcotic component).
● easy to drink even small children, is a syrup of peach flavor.
● prevent the accidental ingestion of children, it has adopted a safety cap.
The sale of pharmaceutical products

● Precautions
■■ it should not be ■■
This drug is for children, but it describes the general notes, which are defined as cold medicine.
(Failure to comply or the current worsening of symptoms, is likely to occur side effects and accidents)
1. The following people, please do not take
(1) who may have allergic reactions caused by the components of the agent or the agent.
(2) the agent or other cold medicine, who were taking analgesics have had asthma.
2. While you are taking this drug, please do not also use the following any of the medicines
Other cold medicine, antipyretic analgesics, sedatives, cough medicine, oral containing antihistamines
Drugs such as (for rhinitis oral medicine, motion sickness drugs, allergy drugs, etc.)
3. After taking, please do not the driving operation of vehicles or machinery
(You may drowsiness, etc. may occur.)
4. people in nursing Do not take this drug, if you want to take this drug, please avoid breast-feeding
5. taking before and after, please do not drink
6. Please do not take to long-term continuous
■■ can consult ■■
1. The following person is a doctor before taking, please consult your pharmacist or registered seller
(1) who are receiving medical doctor or dentist.
(2) people who might be pregnant or are pregnant.
(3) the elderly.
(4) People who have had allergic reactions caused by such drugs.
(5) who have the following symptoms.
High fever, difficult urination
(6) the person who received the following diagnosis.
Thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease,
Stomach and duodenal ulcers, glaucoma
2. After taking, because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, immediately taking
To stop, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered sellers have this document

Relationship site … symptoms
Skin … rash, redness, itching
Digestive … nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite
Neuropsychiatric … dizziness
Respiratory … shortness of breath, breathlessness
Urology … urination difficult
Other … excessive hypothermia

It may rarely occur, the following serious symptoms.
Please immediately seek medical attention if that.

Name … symptoms of symptoms
Shock (anaphylaxis) … after taking immediately, the skin itching, hives,
Voice hoarse of, sneezing, throat itching, breathlessness, palpitations, turbidity, etc. of consciousness appears.

Skin mucous membrane eye syndrome (Stevens-Johnson syndrome),
Toxic epidermal necrolysis, acute disseminated rash pustular disease … high fever, bloodshot eyes, eye mucus,
Sores of the lips, sore throat, a wide range of rash, redness of the skin, small on the reddened skin
Rash (pustules) comes out of is, the whole body is languid, or persist there is no appetite, etc.,
Rapidly deteriorated.

Liver dysfunction … fever, itching, rash, jaundice (yellowing of skin and whites of the eyes), Kasshokunyo,
The whole body of fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. may occur.

Renal failure … fever, rash, a decrease in amount of urine, swelling of the whole body, General fatigue, joint pain
(Joints ache), diarrhea, etc. may occur.

Or up the interstitial pneumonia … stairs, – breath that is shortness of breath with or a little unreasonable
Becomes painful, chesty coughs, fever and the like can be seen, these are or appear suddenly, was sustained

Wheezing when the asthma … breath, sound and whistling, stuffy etc. there

3. After taking, because of the following symptoms may appear, sustained or enhancement of these symptoms
If you were seen, stop taking the drug, doctors have this document, pharmacist or registered sales
Please consult your sales person
Thirst of mouth, drowsiness
If you can take 4.5-6 times the symptoms are often not will stop taking the drug, with this document
Physician, please consult your pharmacist or registered seller

● Indications
Symptoms of a cold (runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, phlegm, headache, sore throat,
Joint pain, muscle pain, fever, chills) of relaxation

● Dosage
Please take before going to bed when the next one-time amount of each postprandial and need three times a day.
At intervals of 4 hours, optionally you can safely taking up to six times a day.
Age … 1 dose
Or more and less than 3 years of age 7 years old ··· 10mL
Or more and less than 1 year old 3 year old ··· 7.5mL
6 months or more 1-year-old less than ··· 6mL
3 months more than six months less than ··· 5mL
Less than 3 months … Not to be taken

(1) If you want to take in children, please let be taken under the supervision of their parents.
(2) of less than 2 years old infants, give priority to be subjected to medical attention, unavoidable
Please let me take only in the case.
(3), please adhere to the dosage and administration.

● component-quantity
In 60mL
Active ingredient … content … work
Acetaminophen ··· 300mg
… Lower the heat, relieve headache, a sore throat

dl- methyl ephedrine hydrochloride ··· 20mg
… to ease the breathing, you suppress the cough

Dextromethorphan hydrobromide hydrate ··· 16mg
… relieve the cough

Guaifenesin ··· 80mg
And … easy to put out the phlegm

Diphenhydramine hydrochloride ··· 25mg
… relieve allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion

Sucrose as an additive, glycerin, caramel, citric acid Na, citric acid, benzoic acid Na,
Parabens, propylene glycol, and perfumes.

● attention of the storage and handling
(1) Please keep sealed in a cool place with low humidity is not exposed to direct sunlight.
(2) Please keep them out of reach of children.
(3) Please do not swap into another container (quality or causing the abuse will change.).
(4) measuring cup is, by, for example, washed with water after use, please clean storage.
(5) products past the expiration date, please do not use.
(6) If the cap is not easily opened, 2-3 minutes cap portion in hot water (50 ~ 60 ° C.)
It makes it easier to open and wear.

Other package insert description]
There are products of different active ingredient in buffering. Active ingredients of this product acetylsalicylic
It is not acid (aspirin).
The doctor, when to consult a pharmacist or a registered seller, please tell a non-aspirin formulation.

● How to pour
Please pour devoted a bottle of mouth to the edge of the measuring cup. Pour away the bottle,
Syrup sauce in a bottle of mouth, is when it hardens cap you may not be able to open.

[Use of safety cap]
■ measuring cup
From Remove the measuring cup, please use.
■ Opening the safety cap
1. Hold down strongly cap
2. open by turning in the direction of the arrow.
※ If you press from the top place on the table, will help put the power.
■ Closing the safety cap
From Wipe well the periphery of the bottle mouth, please tightly closed in a manner that accounts for ordinary cap.

● Contact
Please contact the shop or below your purchase of
Lion Corporation Customer Service Center
Yubinbango130-8644 Sumida-ku, Tokyo Honjo 1-3-7
9:00 to 17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays)




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