Lux LQ acai SP Refill 350g


Cleanse fruit series from sales No1 brand new appearance!
91% 2 natural ingredients blended
Buzz and popular hair care series that focuses on the Cleanse fruit.
Cleanse fruit is also known that good for health and beauty. Acai – straight, focusing on the acai polyphenols are known in a variety of things. In Acai oil (moisturizing) formulation, repair hair.
To repair the damage of the hair, there is no swell, leading to supple straight hair. It is recommended to those who are swell-Kusegaki.
Six Good formulations containing a combination of cosmetic ingredients. Additive-free, non-silicon, artificial coloring free paraben free.
Fiji Acai smell of popping the scent of fresh fruit. (Perfume blending)

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