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Product introduction
Recently, I feel to have been weakened stomach, is recommended for such a person.
– after a meal to those who stomach was also increasingly feel the sauce
If it began to feel and also eat too much in-small amount
New Cerbere Seii is the stomach also improve the symptoms of weakened stomach, such as sauce in three acts.
Increase the veil “gastric mucus” that covers the mucous membrane of the stomach Ru protect, protect the stomach.
And to actively exercise of the stomach to move.
By decomposing the fat to digest, increasing the force to digest.
New Cerbere Seii is easy to drink tablets effective with the 1 tablet.
The sale of pharmaceutical products

● Precautions
■■ it should not be ■■

■■ can consult ■■
1. The following person is a doctor before taking, please consult your pharmacist or a registered seller.
(1) who are receiving medical treatment
(2) people who might be pregnant or are pregnant
(3) the elderly
(4) People who have had allergic reactions caused by such as medicine
(5) the person who received the following diagnostic
Liver disease
2. After taking, because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, immediately medium-taking
Ok, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered sellers have this manual.
[Related site] [symptoms]
Skin: rash, redness, itching
Digestive apparatus: abdominal bloating, nausea, abdominal pain
Neuropsychiatric system: headache
Others: subcutaneous hemorrhage
It may rarely occur, the following serious symptoms.
Please immediately seek medical attention if that.
[Name of symptoms] liver dysfunction
[Symptoms] fever, itching, rash, jaundice (yellowing of skin and whites of the eyes), Kasshokunyo,
The whole body of fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. will appear.
3. After taking, because of the following symptoms may appear, sustained or enhancement of such symptoms are
If seen, stop taking the drug, doctors have this manual, pharmacist or registered sales
Please consult the person.
Constipation, diarrhea, dry mouth
Also taking 4.2 weeks position stop taking the drug if the symptoms are often not, have this manual
Physician, please consult your pharmacist or a registered seller.

● Indications
Heavy stomach, eating too much, drinking too much, heartburn, loss of appetite, stomach-bloating,
Nausea (upset, nausea, nausea), vomiting, lodged chest

● Dosage
Please take with water or hot water the following amount after meals.
[Age] adult (15 years or older)
[1 dose] 1 tablet
[Number of doses] three times a day

[Age] children (under 15 years old)
[1 dose] Not to be taken
[Number of doses] Not to be taken

● component-quantity
In the adult daily dose of 3 tablets contains the following components.
[Ingredient] teprenone
[Including the amount] 112.5mg
[Work-out] to protect the stomach from irritation caused by food and stomach acid to increase the stomach mucus.

[Ingredient] sōjutsu dry extract (sōjutsu as primeval drugs)
[Including the amount] 150mg (1.5g)
[Work-out] and to actively exercise of got weak stomach.

[Ingredient] magnolia bark dry extract (magnolia bark as primeval drugs)
[Including the amount] 83.4mg (1.0g)
[Work-out] and to actively exercise of got weak stomach.

[Ingredient] lipase AP6
[Including the amount] 14.7mg
[Work-out] the stomach also helps fat digestion is the main cause of the sauce.

Talc, vitamin E, partially pregelatinized starch, erythritol, silicic acid Ca,

● attention of the storage and handling
1. Please keep sealed in a cool place with low humidity is not exposed to direct sunlight.
2. Please keep out of the reach of children.
3. Please do not swap into another container. Moreover, Do this vessel not put other agents such as
Please. (Quality or causing the abuse will change.)
, Such as by switching to the pill case, that affect the quality of the products and container
there is.
4. Since there is a possibility that the appearance of the tablet is changed by moisture, do not touch with wet hands Do
5. padding in the container, is for the tablet to prevent damage during transport. Discard after opening the cap of the container
Please be Te.
6. products past the expiration date please do not use.
7. After opening the once container of the cap even within the expiration date, six months in terms of quality retention
Please use as a guide within. To “open date” column of the inner pig box, fill in the opening date

[Other description]
[Mucus and teprenone of bite memo stomach]
Among the stomach, in order to digest the food thing, the more powerful stomach acid is dissolved and the meat is of secretion
Are we. In this case, the stomach with food is not digested is, the surface of the stomach and stomach mucus
Say because are protected by the veil. This important stomach mucus, age, physical condition, eating habits
It reduced me. Teprenone is, there is a work that in the active secretion of mucus increasing the mucus amount,
It protects the stomach from such as gastric acid.

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