Taisho Pharmaceutical arch skin 10g [specified quasi-drugs]


Product introduction
● Indications
Scratches, cuts, punctures, scratches, sore, disinfection and protection of the wound surface (coating)
● wipe well the dosage and administration scratch surface of the water and deposits, please let apply the appropriate amount to the affected area dry.
– you may smarting moment but quickly make a film, to protect the wound.
• If the wound surface is wide, pain is also less stable and effective to wet a chemical liquid from above by applying a small amount of absorbent cotton or gauze to the wound.
• If you want except to take in a hurry the affected part of the film, paint the arch skin on top of the film, please wipe off with paper or cloth while melting slowly.

● arch skin is easy and convenient liquid adhesive plaster bandage is not needed.
● Contains a bactericide trichlorocarbanilide. Transparent coating, covers the surface of the wound, it will speed up the healing of the wound to prevent bacterial adhesion invasion of other foreign matter. In addition, to protect the wound without peeling even in such wet work.

Raw materials and component
● in the component 100g
Trichlorocarbanilide 0.1g fungicide
Additives: celluloid, isopropyl myristate, ethanol, ethyl acetate

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