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Product introduction
● sterilization and disinfection: disinfectant with excellent sterilizing power-friendly stimulus is less skin “isoprene
Russia pill methyl phenol “is to sterilize the wound, prevents suppuration
● quell the pain: local anesthetic “dibucaine hydrochloride salt” will calm the pain
● promote the skin formation: by wound repair action of “allantoin”, the skin formation of the wound surface prompting
Susumu, and accelerate the healing of the wound
● powder will not be smooth and the wound

(1) Be sure before you use the new Kizudorai, charging and contamination of the affected area with clean water such as tap water
With not clean it (sufficiently wash away minute dirt to the affected area to the rest suppuration
There is a possibility)
(2) scratches and affected area extensive deep scratches in the case of burns, do not use this drug
(3) Do not recoating
(4) If you want to use repeatedly in the same place is clean and wash the affected area with lukewarm water, etc.,
Be used after removal of the drug adhering (drug removal becomes difficult,
Sometimes resulting in delayed treatment)
The sale of pharmaceutical products

● Precautions
■■ it should not be ■■
(You can observe not if the current symptoms worse, the side effects are likely to occur)
1. The following people must not be used
(1) the affected area is a wide range of people, deep scratches and bleeding a lot of people, burns people
(Cleaning is not prudent enough, purulent or, in some cases healing or delayed)
(2) under the age of infants
(For development of skin tissue is immature and may cause inflammation, such as redness)
Do not use the 2. On the next site
(1) face
(2) mucous membranes (for example, eyes, lips, in the mouth, the nostrils, in the ear, anus, genitals, etc.)
■■ can consult ■■
1. The following people physician before use, to consult a pharmacist or a registered seller
(1) who are receiving medical treatment
(2) drugs and cosmetics, allergic reactions caused by such as gelatin (for example, redness, rash,
People who itch, may have caused the rash, etc.)
2. After use, because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, immediately use
To stop, to consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller have this document

Related areas: skin
Symptoms: redness, rash, itching, swelling, pain, feeling of heat

In rare cases it may occur following serious symptoms.
Immediately to receive medical attention in the case that

Name of symptoms: shock (anaphylaxis)
Symptom: immediately after use, itching of the skin, hives, hoarse voice, sneezing,
Throat itching, breathlessness, palpitations, and clouding of consciousness appear

If you can use 3.5 to 6 days, the symptoms are often not stop using, have this document
To consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller Te

● Indications
Cut scratches, abrasions, punctures, scratches, sore, sterilization and disinfection of the wound surface

● Dosage
Several times a day, please by injecting an appropriate amount to the affected area

● How to use
(1) The wound will not adhere dirt such as soil and mud. Open to fill the faucet,
Please clean washed off
(2) Please wipe gently with a tissue paper when bleeding is often
(3) Shake well before use, talk from the wound about 10cm, upright cans or inverted Jo of
Please use in Thailand

(1) Do not use the affected area and leave around it was dirty
(2) If you want to use in children, it is used under the supervision of their parents
(3) Should be careful not to enter the eyes and mouth, if it reaches the eyes, immediately water
Or to wash with warm water. It should be noted that, if the symptoms are severe, seek medical ophthalmologist
Rukoto. In addition, the gargle immediately when it entered the mouth, to receive medical attention
(4) be used only for external use
(5) that shake well before use
(6) be injected at a distance of about 10cm to the affected area
(7) Since there is a risk of frostbite, that no injection for more than one second in succession in the same position
● be familiar with the section “Notices”

● component-quantity
During 100g
Ingredients: isopropylmethylphenol
Quantity: 0.15g

Ingredients: dibucaine hydrochloride
Quantity: 0.045g

Ingredients: allantoin
Quantity: 0.15g

As an additive, benzalkonium chloride, gelatin, corn starch, white sugar,
Squalane, containing LPG

● attention of the storage and handling
(1) firmly tighten it to store the cap in a cool place protected from direct sunlight
(2) Keep out of reach of children
(3) Do not close to the fire
● place in the car or in direct sunlight, near heating appliances (stove, fan heater, etc.)
In such, it does not put because there is a risk of rupture temperature rises
Placed ● In many places around water or moisture can be perforated holes Te rust, because it is possible to rupture

[Other description]
Note the fire and high temperature
● When you throw away, press the button disconnect the gas in the open air without a fire until spray sound disappears,
Be discarded
High-pressure gas: LPG

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