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Matcha Latte Uji Green Tea Cappuccino powder stick 12g × 18sticks – ITOKYUEMON


Scent is rich flavor of high-quality green tea, which give ground in a stone mill, it is a real cappuccino foaming fine-grained creamy. Easy to enjoy green tea cappuccino just pour the hot water. Summer is dissolved in a small amount of hot water, in the ice by adding the water and ice. Please try also milk split.
Kyuemon Ito the Edo late-1832 years, primary Ito TsunemigiEmon (Tsune Ito Doraemon) Takikura that was involved in the tea industry in Tahara village Namura (now Ujitawara south) is started. Since then we have inherited the generations tea making. The ground green tea of ​​the particles in the machine and the mill has a simple circular, does not expect the smell that was Fukuiku, green tea, which was ground in a stone mortar is different scent for a irregular. Our green tea is, the high-quality tea leaves of Uji carefully selected, the grinding stone is the best method, we have the luxury to use something of a fresh state as possible. Japan Please enjoy the memorabilia that uses a high-quality Uji green tea boasts the world.
A Kyuemon Uji tea brand Ito [Ito season gift of Kyuemon] is, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Senior Citizen’s Day, gifts, gifts, Valentine White Day such as gift, full? Receptacle? Cement and upscale gift worthy of candy assortment and food key? Futosetto to have available. Popular Rankinku?, Food Uji Matcha Suites set that also appeared in the present ranking, Japanese tea gift, soup with green tea soba and herring near the gourmet assortment, confectionery, sweets can also be used as a souvenir. Shochu with tea, wine, liquor, such as plum wine. Stock Suites limited, such as roll cakes and sweets. Please gift you from Kyoto with confidence to the Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Senior Citizen’s Day, Hazime Ataru control, year-end gift, Valentine White Day. Advance Purchase (early discount) and free shipping (including shipping), Noshi corresponding also has implemented.

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