Hannari Janome Japanese umbrella Bangasa waterproof


Mandrel (hand): strengthening water-repellent of bamboo Bangasa, umbrellas of water has a paper and the paper is less likely to stick characteristics at the time soon is long-lasting storage is a product that can be used as a practical product not only stage . It is handmade by one of the few Japanese umbrella craftsman of Japan.
[Quality] fabric: We have paper and bamboo ※ oil argument. Rainy weather at the time available. Country of origin: Japan
Overall length of about 78cm to about diameter when maximum open: 105 cm weighs about: 700 g ribs: (bamboo) 44 present
Please houses from dried well in the shade once they become your ※. Notes: ※ waterproof (. Oil will Yes painted) is by design. You can also use the day of the rain, but in order for you to use long, after use it is recommended that you shade.
So we will use the bamboo and paper to the material, please pay attention to the worm-eaten. If unused for long periods of time we recommend that you use, such as insect repellents. Some of Urushitobi, dyed uneven, please understand at the handmade. In advance on your note, please purchase.

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