Perfect Asta Collagen powder 210g 28days – ASAHI

Perfect Asta Collagen powder 210g 28days – ASAHI



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Perfect Application collagen is not only a “supplement”, beautiful ingredients that rely on the 12 kinds of good collagen and compatibility. It supports the clean from the inside. Hari of a life try to youthfulness.

All 12 types of [compensate] cosmetic ingredients full charge * Low molecular weight collagen 5300mg * hyaluronic acid 30mg * [increase] elastin 1mg * beauty constitution lactic acid bacteria 30mg * [increase] glucosamine 60mg * CoQ10 5mg * vitamin C 100mg * 4 kinds of herb mix 1mg (Roman chamomile, Houttuynia, hawthorn, grape leaves) [clean support] * dietary fiber 1000mg

* Delicious drink * plain taste suit any food and drink. Until the juice, coffee, cooking, because not choose what to put, you can take a delicious collagen.

* Melts easily just spoon 1 tablespoon * You can use it as a guide about 7.5g (attached measuring spoon Strike sugar 1 cup) a day. In powder type only spoon 1 tablespoon of melted smooth the favorite drink, beautiful component will be taken at a time. (Bottle with spoon)

* Per meal added to the low molecular weight collagen 5300mg hyaluronic acid 30mg, plus glucosamine.

Low molecular weight collagen + in the beauty constitution lactic acid bacteria, more beautiful! In order to support the clean, Asahi Breweries Co., Ltd. extensive research of collagen, in comparison to fish collagen, it adopted the collagen that are considered good for beauty. Furthermore, the Asahi Breweries, Ltd. (Germany) blended found in the joint development of the agri-food industry Research Organization, National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science “beauty constitution lactic acid bacteria”! It is a good component of collagen and compatibility.

Weight 600 g